Inclusive Urban Development in India

Inclusive Urban Development in India
Author : Awadhesh Kumar Singh
ISBN: 9788189630895
Year: 2016
Pages: 319
Binding: HB
Publisher Name: Global Research Publications
INR 1,195.00

Price in Dollar: $40
Inclusive urban planning and development has got momentum in the context of new policy regime and changing economic environment. The 11- Five Year Plan has emphasized on inclusive policies and programmes for mainstreaming of poor and marginalized in urban planning and development besides massive investment on urban infrastructure and services in order to improve the access and delivery of civic services to urban poor. State governments have also launched inclusive urban development policies and programmes under the state sector in order to mainstream the urban poor and marginalized communities. Present book , based on a study conducted under the auspices of ICSSR, New Delhi . attempts to review the impact of pro-poor programmes and policies on urban poor and marginalized communities in the selected cities of Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal in India. Present book deals with trends of urbanization and urban development; inclusive urban growth and development; concept of inclusiveness, policy initiatives for urban development during the plan period, inclusive infrastructure development, service delivery excellence and urban development schemes; urban poverty alleviation; urban poverty scenario and approaches for reducing urban poverty in India; inclusive urban planning, policies and strategies of urban development in India, urban infrastructure, environment and climate change, mission approach and implementation of municipal reforms; analysis of view perception of officials of urban local governments; and impact of inclusive planning on urban poor. It is expected that the book will be highly useful in understanding the dynamics of inclusive urban planning and development and evolving a road map for mainstreaming of poor in urban development planning and governance. 

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