An Empirical Study on Natural Resources in Rayalaseema and Pollution in Andhra Pradesh

An Empirical Study on Natural Resources in Rayalaseema and Pollution in Andhra Pradesh
Author : A. Ranga Redy
ISBN: 9788183876872
Year: 2015
Pages: 224
Binding: HB
Publisher Name: Serials Publications Pvt. Ltd.
INR 795.00

Price in Dollar: $30
The book deals about environment sustainability in two dimensions over erstwhile Andhra Pradesh. The first part finds to assess the Impact of Natural Resource Management for Sustainable Livelihoods of Rayalaseema and Second Part studies the impact Assessment of Agri-industry Pollution in Andhra Pradesh. The 19 Century classical like A.C. Pigou, Kenneth Boulding to Jagadish Bhagavathi cautioned the States and Consumers to be aware of Natural resource degradation and its affect on environment. Demand for energy, industrial development. pollution explosion, Urbanisation, Mechanisation, were found to be major causes for destroying resources, on one side, and generation of pollution, on another side. 88 per cent of households felt that once the rainfall misses, they expects drought in Rayalaseema. 46 per cent of farmers expressed their unwillingness to do farming. 72 per cent of farm households felt industrialists are held responsible for destruction of natural resources. 
The pollution forms in different forms like nature-made, manmade and areas. After mid-might times. more pollution was releasing into the air, rivers. and slum channels. Indirectly millions of households were found in sick and dying condition. It is observed that Sugarcane Units are producing more pollution than Paddy Units. Smokelessness is to be the ultimate objective. Mandatorily effluent plants were made compulsory for ever polluted Unit and "Polluter pay Principle" should be implemented with all postivie spirit. People active anticipation in protection of natural resources and checking pollution are to be made as must and mandatory. 

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