Environmental Changes in India

Environmental Changes in India
Author : Abhishek Awasthi, A.K. Singh & S.P. Singh
ISBN: 9789380615424
Year: 2018
Pages: 286
Binding: HB
Publisher Name: Madhav Books Pvt. Ltd.
INR 1,500.00

Price in Dollar: $50
India has achieved remarkable progress in human and economic development since Independence. The concept of sustainable development is buzz word now-a-days which has emerged due to increasing problems of environment and ecology. The inter-related issues emerged from economic growth; environment and ecology are affecting the human population. The human activities are adversely affecting the environment and ecology while the global issues like ozone layer depletion, greenhouse gases affect, global warming, climatic change, etc. cause concern. The environmental pollution is posing a serious challenge for the sustainability of the economic growth while the road to sustainable development is a tardy one. There is degradation of natural resources due to over exploitation, unsustainable economic and commercial activities as well as poor governance of environmental regulations, policies and enforcement of environmental legislations. Against this backdrop, present volume highlights the emerging issues and dimensions of ecology, environment and climate change in India. It is expected the volume will be highly useful in understanding of dynamics of ecology, environment, sustainable development, natural resources management, climate change and evolving roadmap for protection of environment in India. 

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