An Essay on Ideology of Good Governance

An Essay on Ideology of Good Governance
Author : G. Ramachandhra Reddy
ISBN: 9788183877749
Year: 2016
Pages: 362
Binding: HB
Publisher Name: Serials Publications Pvt. Ltd.
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There is a simplistic view that reform means economic reforms in the form of FDI, GST etc. But, we need total reform embracing the political class, judiciary, police and administration etc. (*) Both company funding of Party, State funding of elections need to stop. In case of their continuance, Party fund needs to be defined as "public fund" the misuse of which is made an offence. Party administration can be managed from small contribution from citizens, party leaders and cadres while election finances is left to individual candidates. (*) There is gradual erosion of the strength of existing law (dilution) due to frequent amendments, weak implementation and weakest interpretation by judiciary. (*) Intellectual leadership is taking the country on perilous path of mis-shaping views and committing intellectual fraud. People snoring in ignorance are better than such leadership. (*) Crimes, acts of corruption, abuse of power (triple evils) are ravaging the nation. USA is no exception. During 2013 alone 11 thousand people were killed in gun violence. We are unfree. One is free only when the mind is free from fear of want, criminals, maoists, terrorists, communalists in society and further when citizens are free from the inefficiency, corruption, police brutalities, wrongful commissions and omissions (abuse of office) by the establishment. (*) There is a blind spot in the theory of constitutionalism when it limited to define protection of life and liberty, property in Art. 21 that "no one can be deprived of them except through the due process of law". It is a negative aspect. A positive state approach is to have a constitutional provision which states that the State should strive for protection of life, property and liberties of its citizens thereby shifting accountability on to the "establishment" to ensure such rights.(*) The RTI Act 2005 needs total reform and a law on Accountability is the need of hour. (*) Rule of law is not co-terminus with law. Rule of law is a larger principle of justice and equity. Laws and implementation need to conform to rule of law. (*) Lawlessness of law makers and enforcers is a grave threat to civil liberties and democratic values. Police excesses, encounters continued on the back flap 

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