Economic Development in India: Health and Social Issues

Economic Development in India: Health and Social Issues
Author : NTK Naik, S. Mansoor Rahman & B. Suresh Lal
ISBN: 9788189630355
Year: 2011
Pages: 405
Binding: HB
Publisher Name: Global Research Publications
INR 1,500.00

Price in Dollar: $75
This book is an attempt to present various facets of Indian economy, particularly in the context and light of globaislion that is sweeping over the world right now. The book spells out various perspectives on Indian economy: starting from 'economic development in india' and to the role of small industries in the era of globalisation. Same way, this part discusses the impact of globalisation on co-operatives development and also on Indian industries. Another spells out the mutually strengthening between the two powerful economies. On the other, adjustment mechanisms in Malaysia a and Botswana to globalisation were also discussed. Second part of the book presents the realities, nay the compelling realities in present day a Starting with unplanned urbanisation, and its disastrous effect on India, this part also discusses the of economic reforms on Indian agriculture and on inters regional poverty. On the other side, paradigm shift in rural markets is also explored. A paper on SHGs and micro credit portrays the realities of credit-starved development in India. The third part explores into some of the strategies of development in the country with special reference to the impact of globalisation. One per attempts to have a model for Human Resource Management in informal sector, while the other discuses on the liquidity adjustment facility. The paper on human rights approach to environmental protection highlights on the crucial problem. Other paper in this part focuses on the impact of poverty on women and children and also on reforms with reference to female employment. Two papers touch upon hill economy and forest fire management as important facets of development in North East and in Betul-forest-region of MP. Last paper discusses the excellence in corporate governance as a strategy. The case is vivid and penetrating. Thus, the book presents the kaleidoscopic picture of India and her development challenges, particularly in the context of globalisation scenario. In short, the book presents the emerging perspectives compelling realities and possible strategies on the subject. To this extent, the book is a precious addition to the resource material on India vis-a-vis globalisation. 

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