Sir Thomas Munro: Father of Rayalaseema : Governor of Madras Presidency

Sir Thomas Munro: Father of Rayalaseema : Governor of Madras Presidency
Author : K. Maddaiah
ISBN: 9788183876704
Year: 2018
Pages: 120
Binding: HB
Publisher Name: Serials Publications Pvt. Ltd.
INR 595.00

Price in Dollar: $25
No name in any part of India, perhaps, is so familiar or held in such veneration as that of Sir Thomas Munro (1761-1827) in the Ceded Districts (now known as Rayalaseema) of Madras Presidency, though two generations have passed away since his death. He was the Principal Collector of the Ceded Districts from 1800 to 1807 with his headquarters at Anantapur. He suppressed the eighty turbulent poligars and established law and order. He introduced the ryotwari system for the benefit of the farmers. Munro is styled as Mandava Rishi, Mandava Rishi being no other than Munro deified. Here, the boys are still named after him Munrolappa. Ballads are still sung in his honour and it is hardly too much to say that he is regarded as having been semi-divine. He is, for example, universally declared to have possessed the divine characteristics — always attributed to Rama and other such heroes of having arms so long that they reached to his knees. As a student and as a History teacher, I have great respect and admiration for Munro. Hence, I have prepared the book, 'Sir Thomas Munro Father of Rayalaseemd' (A Study of Governor of Madras Presidency 1820-1827). He received Eminent Historian Award from Prof. W. Rajendra, Vice Chancellor, S.V. University, Tirupati on 5-1-2014 

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