Educating Tribal Children Issues, Concerns and Remedies

Educating Tribal Children Issues, Concerns and Remedies
Author : Malli Gandbi, Vakulabbaranam Lalitba
ISBN: 9788183876612
Year: 2014
Pages: 317
Binding: HB
Publisher Name: Serials Publications
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India achieved about 70 percent of literacy according to 2011 census. Though the progress could have been better, considering several constraints, it is not a mean achievement However, the rate of literacy among marginalised sections in particular adivasis, is much lower when compared to Scheduled Castes and Other Backward Communities. Further, the type of education provided to adivasi children is quite conventional. Even after six decades of independence, steps are not initiated to provide purposeful and meaningful education to adivasi children. Education for the adivasi children should incorporate the socio-economic and cultural genius of adivasis They should be sensitised with their rich cultural heritage. The present study is an attempt to examine the problems associated with the education of adivasi children, their culture specific curricular and co-curricular aspects, monitoring of their learning achievement, pedagogy and learning materials, multilingual education, and their socio-cultural aspects in education. What makes the study unique is the field work, field experiences and interactions with teachers working in tribal schools along with the tribal community members in the state of Andhra Pradesh on which the entire work is re-constructed. It is expected that the present work is useful to educational planners, policy makers, researchers, tribal welfare authorities, teachers, teacher educators and students working on similar problems in India. 

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