Multidsciplinary Perspectives in Biodiversity Conservation

Multidsciplinary Perspectives in Biodiversity Conservation
Author : Dr. I. Sundar
ISBN: 9788183876339
Year: 2014
Pages: 564
Binding: HB
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There is a growing concern towards preservation and conservation of biodiversity resources in the context of unsustainable means of production and consumption of goods and services. It is significant to note that biodiversity conservation involves multidisciplinary approaches. Due to lack of awareness and knowledge about existence value of biodiversity resources, people have the tendency towards over exploitation of biodiversity resources. In this context of awareness generation about biodiversity is the urgent need of the hour through environmental education in general and biodiversity education in particular. The realization on importance of biodiversity could be observed through environmental ethics and bioethics. Hence the imparting knowledge about environmental ethics and bioethics is very important to promote the biodiversity conservation on the part of the people. 
The importance of life support role provided by green plants is essential to develop the habit of growing more number of trees and plants species. In this context, the biophysical role performed by biotic components in the life support system including flora and fauna could deserve due alteration in analyzing the importance of biodiversity resource towards maintenance of healthy ecosystem services. 

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