Rural Livelihood in India Social Economic and Environmental Issues

Rural Livelihood in India Social Economic and Environmental Issues
Author : Soumyendra Kishore Datta and Pravat Kumar Kuri
ISBN: 9788183876131
Year: 2014
Pages: 427
Binding: HB
Publisher Name: Serials Publications Pvt. Ltd.
INR 1,595.00

Price in Dollar: $80
The book 'Rural Livelihood in India: Social, Economic and Environmental Issues' is the outcome of research related to the UGC funded DRS project undertaken in the Dept of Economics, The University of Burdwan. Despite diverse poverty reduction policies adopted from time to time by the Govt. majority of rural people in India still suffer from uncertainties regarding eking out their livelihood. The recent focus, therefore, has been on the assets / processes/ activity framework concerned with not only poverty reduction but also promoting sustainable capabilities and access to assets like human capital, physical assets, social capital, financial capital and natural capital. Promotion of peoples' capabilities involves positive intervention and development across social aspects of life, economic issues as well as environmental congeniality. This is likely to enhance peoples' freedom in having diversified income opportunities in both farm and non-farm sector based on use of diverse type of natural resources. In this book we have seventeen papers covering various issues of livelihood pertaining to farm sector, non- farm sector, social sphere and use of natural resources. The readers of this book are expected to have a comprehensive grasp of diverse dimensions pertaining to livelihood perspective in general and rural livelihood issues in particular. 1. Contents Include: Technical Efficiency of Traditional and Modem Variety Crops as well as All Crops- A Micro Level Study; Seasonal Migration in India: Causes and Determinants; Agricultural Growth and Crop Diversification in India: A Convergence Analysis; Job Participation in NREGA Programme and Perceived Livelihood Benefits: Case Study in Burdwan District in West Bengal; Microfinance Outreach and Its Impact on Poverty and Women Empowerment in India: An Inter-State Analysis; Self-Help Group Movement- A Vehicle of Financial Inclusion: A Study of Livelihood In Bankura District in West-Bengal; Employment, Eamings and Poverty Status of The Rural Non-Farm Workers: Evidence from a Field Survey in West Bengal; Trends and Composition of Rural Non-Farm Sector and Its Impact on Poverty in The State of West Bengal; Rural Livelihood in Coastal Environment: A Case Study of Lachhimpur Mouza in Sankarpur Coast, West Bengal; Livelihood Diversification and Its Impact on Living Standard: A Micro Level Study from Birbhum District, West Bengal; Social Sector Development in India; Socio-Economic Perspectives on School Dropouts: A Comparative Case Study in East and West Sikkim; Extent, Pattern, and Causes of Child Labour: A Brief Comparison of Three Eastern States of India; Inclusive Growth, Livelihood Security and Rural Poverty in India; Participatory Forest Management and Social Capital Issues: Case Study of A Backward Region in India; Impact of Common Property Resource Extraction on Poverty and Environment: A Case Study in West Bengal, India; Evolution of Chhou in Forests: A Political Economic Rethinking of Some Cultural Aspects of Purulia. 

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