Women Empowerment : Perspectives & Dimensions

Women Empowerment : Perspectives & Dimensions
Author : Prof. M. M. Verma
ISBN: 9788183319017
Year: 2017
Pages: 608
Binding: HB
Publisher Name: Serials Publications Pvt. Ltd.
INR 2,495.00

Price in Dollar: $85
Women form about one-half of the human race on earth. Nature has endowed them with no lesser abilities, competencies, and qualities than men. Even then, due to patriarchal, patrilineal, and patrilocal social system prevailing in most of the countries and communities of the world, they have been facing historical subjugation, subordination, and discrimination. The male dominated socio-cultural structures have created values, norms and practices that have perpetuated gender inequity, inequality, and injustice. Although in the post- Independence era, the provisions made in the Indian Constitution have tended to ensure justice- social, economic, and political to both the genders, yet still there is enormous gender discrimination and injustice prevailing in Indian society. The democratic governance in India though seems to be a guarantee to the fullest application of the provisions of CEDAW and the heeding of the voices raised in the four World Conferences on Women, the governmental commitment to achievement of the Goal 3 of the United Nations' MDG-2015 seems to be more rhetoric than reality. Against this backdrop, the current volume is devoted to bringing out the reality. It not only presents the various perspectives on women empowerment, but also tries to analyze the actual progress made in bringing about a positive change in society. The contributors of this edited volume have tried to analyze the existing reality, the progress made, the emerging problems and the future prospects of the governmental and non-governmental; local, national and global efforts made in the various dimensions of women empowerment, viz. social, cultural, psychological, legislative, economic, and political. The volume presents a thorough analysis of facts and figures concerning the state of affairs in the realm of women's empowerment in India, the SAARC region, and the world at large. Thus, it has provided a platform to the academics, social work educators, researchers and activists to share their ideas, analyses, case studies and their understanding of the relevant issues and concerns. The book contains 26 chapters devoted to different sub themes of the subject at hand. The chapters have been contributed by authors hailing from seven states/union territories of India. It is hoped that the prospective readers of the book would develop adequate insights and widen their horizons, which will lead to further reflections followed by appropriate actions. Apart from benefitting the general publics and the students, it may be especially beneficial to the planners, administrators, academicians, social work professionals, researchers and the activists working in the field of gender justice and empowerment. 

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