Problems and Prospects of Women Self-Help Groups

Problems and Prospects of Women Self-Help Groups
Author : Dr. Lakshmi Narayana Komati
ISBN: 9789386611260
Year: 2018
Pages: 220
Binding: HB
Publisher Name: Serials Publications Pvt. Ltd.
INR 1,100.00

Price in Dollar: $37
In the process of social change and econon development, the thrift and the credit for women not on develop the production process of agriculture, industry and service sector of the economy of a country but also determine the change in socio-economic, political, cultural, philosophical, etc., activities of the thrift and the credit of women the thrift and credit will deepen and widen the capital in the process of urbanization and industrialization and affect the internal and the external economy of a country. The government has taken up the theme of women empowerment as one of the main agenda items to tackle rural poverty and improve the socio economic status of women. Self-Help movement through thrift and credit has been taken up as a mass movement by women, a path chosen by the women to shape their future destiny. "Self-Help movement had a greater vision of empowerment of rural women for overall human development. This movement developed thrift as a habit among the rural poor women and paved the way for decision making power for women". In the book the author has most successfully tried to display his skill to examine critically the impact of Self Help Groups in the overall development of the economy. The book deals with the empirical findings of the problems and prospects of women Self Help Groups. A number of meaningful and useful recommendations have been made for the effective implementation of the SHGs in rural areas and its positive impact on overall growth of the economy. 

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