Asia's New Global Investors : The Rise of Indian Outward FDI

Asia's New Global Investors : The Rise of Indian Outward FDI
Author : Pritish Kumar Sahu
ISBN: 9789386611352
Year: 2018
Pages: 213
Binding: HB
Publisher Name: Serials Publications Pvt. Ltd.
INR 995.00

Price in Dollar: $33
Developing and transitional economies have emerged as an important source of outward FDI since the 1990s. While the outward FDI from the Asian Transitional Economies has been at its increasing pace, the trend hasn't received as much attention as inward FDI in international trade literature. This book provides a comprehensive picture on the trends and patterns of outward FDI from the major Asian developing countries, particularly from the second generation Newly Industrialised Economies (NIEs2), China and India. Drawing on an extensive review of literature and an empirical analysis, the book identifies the drivers and macroeconomic determinants of outward FDI from the Asian developing countries. It underlines the importance of country specific characteristics that helped to mark the presence of these countries in the landscape of outward oriented FDI. The book briefly shows the measures taken by these developing and transitional countries in the light of the Home Country Measures of the developed countries. 
Though not exhaustive, the book re-examines the existing FDI theories in order to explain the South-South and South-North FDI and highlights the significance of certain policy parameters in influencing outward FDI from these countries. It also gives special attention to the trends, pattern and direction of outward FDI from India in different policy regimes. This book is useful for the research scholars, academicians and the policy makers in understanding the outward FDI from these countries and helping in better policy formulation. 

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