YOGA : The Art of Living (A Critical Study of Yoga Philosophy and Metabolic Syndrome

YOGA : The Art of Living (A Critical Study of Yoga Philosophy and Metabolic Syndrome
Author : Dr. Sutapa Ray & Dr. Tapas Das
ISBN: 9789386611451
Year: 2018
Pages: 265
Binding: HB
Publisher Name: Serials Publications Pvt. Ltd.
INR 1,195.00

Price in Dollar: $40
The book explores the genesis of yoga in ancient Indian Philosophy tracing it back to the age of sages like Patanjali who have gifted us with such a rare treasure. The book at first tells us about the various systems of Indian philosophy and then goes on to discuss the place of Yoga Philosophy in this system. The aim of the book is to show that yoga philosophy, both theoretically and practically, is a rich legacy handed down to us by our ancestors. The book discusses the various yogic techniques like postures (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana) which are beneficial for a healthy disease - free life. In the end the book goes on to prove the claim by conducting a study on a group of people who have practiced certain selective yoga techniques. Statistical analysis shows that the benefits are far too obvious to be ignored. Yoga as a way of life is a safe modality, inexpensive but effective. Yoga may be defined as a technique for total personality development at the physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level and in its true sense, a way of life. Though it is one of the Indian heritages and part of our culture but now it has been called one of the first and most successful products of globalization. In the last two years, approximately 177 countries across the globe had supported the UN resolution proclaiming June 21st as an International Day of Yoga. WHO has recently signed an agreement to integrate Yoga into Allopathic medicine and primary health services. According to Sage Patanjali, Yoga is a promotive, preventive and curative healing art with its science and philosophy in minute detail. He has made great contributions in removing impurities in three domains namely through Ayurveda in the body for good health, through commentary on Panini's grammar for good speech and through Yoga for achieving pure mind and body. People around the world are looking for this drugless therapy with great expectations.
The book has immense effects on the general health of the masses as it attempts to create awareness of the mental and physical benefits of yoga resulting in the improvement and maintenance of physical and mental health of its readers.

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