Inter Model Schema Transformation

Inter Model Schema Transformation
Author : Sangeeta Srivastava and Nidhi Malik
ISBN: 9789386611567
Year: 2019
Pages: 123
Binding: HB
Publisher Name: Serials Publications Pvt. Ltd.
INR 595.00

Price in Dollar: $20
Inter Model Schema Transformation presents a generic transformation approach with an objective to translate any input model atomic or compound into another output model seamlessly. This book is targeted for use as a reference book. It throws light on method engineering, the niche area of software engineering. It starts from the basics explaining what an atomic and compound method model is and gradually moves to the complex area of model transformation mapping in method engineering. This book is a sequel to earlier book on Model Transformation Mapping in Method Engineering- A Primer by Dr Sangeeta Srivastava in which I have started from the basic concepts of Method Engineering and gradually moved towards the process of model transformation in the context of Method Engineering. As I have already stated this is a very important and unexplored area of Software Engineering which needs to be delved into in order to increase the ease of Information Systems Development (ISD)and very few books and material exist on this subject. In this book the first few chapters have been devoted to the introduction to the method model used in order to give the reader a base for understanding the model transformation process, its basics and its representation. Later on. we present the generic model transformation mapping in brief that can be used for transforming one model to another. In order to understand the Generation Technique and the Inter Model Transformation Mapping method in detail the reader would have to refer to my book on Model Transformation Mapping in Method Engineering- A Primer where these topics are discussed in depth. 

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